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Intake Assessment

      Many clients seeking our services are uncertain if they even have a drug or alcohol problem. Our counselor evaluates for chemical dependency utilizing standardized diagnostic tests for chemical dependency. Our expert staff examines the whole person--physically, developmentally, and psychosocially, to determine the level of care that is required to safely stop addictive chemicals. This includes a medical history and physical performed by a Dr Thomas, with an expertise in addiction medicine. At the conclusion of an intake assessment, you can expect answers to these questions:

  1. Do I have a pattern of alcohol or drug use that fits standardized criteria for dependency or abuse?
  2. Will I require a medically monitored detoxification?
  3. Can my detoxification be managed on an out-patient basis? If not, what are my options for a safe detoxification?
  4. Where can I go for ongoing drug and alcohol counseling and recovery?

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