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Opiate Detoxification

      Withdrawal from pain pills or opiates, such as heroin, Oxycontin, Methadone, Vicodin, etc, can be physically and emotionally overwhelming. Often the fear of withdrawal is a major obstacle in the decision to become opiate-free. Medical advances towards improving comfort during opiate withdrawal have been made with the advent of buprenorphine. While it is rare to be totally symptom-free during opiate withdrawal, buprenorphine has been shown to significantly improve the process of opiate withdrawal.

      Once the intake assessment is completed, Fair Start’s Physician Paul Thomas, MD, is certified to safely manage opiate withdrawal with buprenorphine, if needed. In addition to the medical expertise of Dr. Thomas, Fair Start has compassionate nurses with experience in monitoring and supporting the patient safely through opiate withdrawal. It is the belief of our capable medical and nursing staff that effectively managing the signs and symptoms of opiate withdrawal, in our comfortable and pleasant clinic environment, will help patients begin to achieve an opiate-free life.

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