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     Fair Start believes detoxification from opiates is an individual process that requires medical supervision by compassionate and expert staff. Withdrawal often generates physical and emotional vulnerability that can interfere with achieving a drug free life. Fair Start is committed to assisting the person with a safe passage through withdrawal so that steps towards recovery can begin. It is the responsibility of the person to decide when one is ready to live without opiates. The mission at Fair Start is to provide the person with the detox and recovery tools to begin a clean and sober life.

      At Fair Start, we believe in individualized, compassionate, medical detox. We recognize the detox process is the beginning of the recovery journey. We believe that you shouldn't have to do it alone. Here, you will get a fair start, a safe start.

Medically monitored, confidential outpatient detoxification from:
  • Opiates (pain killers, Methadone, Heroin)

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