How to Avoid Being a Sexual Victim in a Bar

barNo one should be a victim of sexual violence, and yet if you are a woman the probability is high that you will either become a victim or have close calls. Be vigilant and avoid high risk situations. Bars and places of high alcohol consumption (parties) would be just the type of place to avoid.  If you do find yourself in such a place, please do not get intoxicated.  This study (link) shows that it is the intoxication of the woman that makes you a target of male sexual violence and not the intoxication of the males. 

I found this at first to be a bit surprising, but as I thought about it, it makes some sense.  As a male who in the past drank to intoxication when younger, my personality was never one of trying to “get the girl”, but I had a friend who would go to the bar with that goal. If that were the goal of a man, who would likely end up going home with him? Your level of intoxication as a woman, seems, from the results and from common sense, to be a major factor in your vulnerability to becoming a victim of sexual violence.

Just avoiding the drinking scene altogether would seem to be the best advice. However, knowing what you now know from reading this and thinking about it, if you are a woman and find yourself in a drinking environment, no mater what, don’t get drunk.

Now obviously there are other ways to protect yourself, never be alone in these environments, have an exit strategy, and realize that there are men who would not respect your “no” to unwanted sexual advances, so don’t allow yourself to be alone with men in these environments.  I would have liked to say don’t be alone with strange men, but sadly many date rapes and unwanted sexual encounters happen with people you know.

You need to know that in these environments, the study shows that you may be a target. “Initiators’ level of invasiveness was related to intoxication of the targets, but not their own intoxication, suggesting intoxicated women were being targeted.”

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